Application for a HiWi-job

Please also send me the documents listed below to complete your application after submitting the form.

First name





Course of studies



I would like to tutor the following courses (name of the course and lecturer; exercise or tutorial group if both exist): (Please also give alternatives!)

I was employed as an exercise group tutor
Yes, at the Maths Department
Yes, at the Department of

If "yes, at the Maths Department", I tutored the following courses:

I already participated in the "Übungsleiterschulung"
Yes, in semester No
The department conducts the "Übungsleiterschulung" each semester. It expects each tutor to have participated at least once.

I already accomplished the "Vordiplom" or a B.Sc.
Yes, date: No

I have the following experience regarding didactics (for example private lessons, being in charge of a group at school, conducting workshops etc.).

Other experience and previous knowledge, especially regarding intercultural and/or social activities, voluntary jobs/coach in sports clubs; organisation of activities at the university (orientation week, "HIT" or "HoBIT" etc.)

The department conducts as a preparation the "Unterrichtspraktischen Übungen für Übungsgruppenleiter" each semester. It expects all first-time tutors to take part in that course. I will take part in the preparatory course ("Übungsleiterschulung"):
Yes No

To complete your application please send me:

  • a curriculum vitae,
  • a transcript of records (e.g. from the Studienbüro)
    (should include courses similar to those you apply for),
  • and other references, if applicable

via e-mail (please use pdf-files) or to the following address:

Technische Universität Darmstadt
z. Hd. Herrn David Wegmann
AG Analysis/PDE
Fachbereich Mathematik
Schlossgartenstr. 7
64289 Darmstadt
e-mail: dwegmann (at)

You can also deposit any documents for your application at our secretariat in room S2|15 / 402.

Please do only submit copies of your documents, since they will not be returned to you.


Fachbereich Mathematik
Technische Universität Darmstadt

Schlossgartenstraße 7
64289 Darmstadt

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