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Dr. Möser

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27.09.2010The first chapter of the lecture notes is now online.
27.09.2010Since Ruben luckily agreed to fill in as a fourth exercise tutor on very short notice, we now have four decently sized exercise classes :-). And thanks to many other people we now also have a room (or rather *rooms*) for his class.

The rooms for Ruben's exercise class are:

28.9., 30.9., 1.9., 4.10.: S2|15 101
29.9.: S2|15 244
5.10-8.10.: S2|15 301
10.08.2010Welcome to the Introductory Course Mathematics!

The aim of this course is to prepare beginning students of mathematics for their studies.

The course lasts two weeks, starting 27 September and ending 8 October.
The course language is English.

The information sheets (German and English) for this course can be downloaded in the Download section. (Click "Download" in the bar on top of this page.)

The course consists of two (equally important) parts -- the lecture and the exercise.
Every day there will be a lecture, where you will be told about different topics that are useful for your studies. After every lecture there will be an exercise class, where you will work in groups, discuss and use the things you learned during the lecture in order to solve problems and deepen your understanding. Moreover, there will be a tutor present who can answer your questions and help you with the exercise problems.



Name Raum Tel.
Möser, SilkeS4|10 403487



TagUhrzeitin Raum
Montags9.50 - 11.30S2|04 213
Dienstags9.50 - 11.30S2|04 213
Mittwochs9.50 - 11.30S2|04 213
Donnerstags9.50 - 11.30S2|04 213
Freitags9.50 - 11.30S2|04 213



Nr.Zeitin Raumbei
1Montags, 11.40 - 13.20S2|15 204 KRebekka Burkholz
1Dienstags, 11.40 - 13.20S2|15 204 KRebekka Burkholz
1Mittwochs, 11.40 - 13.20S2|15 204 KRebekka Burkholz
1Donnerstags, 11.40 - 13.20S2|15 204 KRebekka Burkholz
1Freitags, 11.40 - 13.20S2|15 204 KRebekka Burkholz
2Montags, 11.40 - 13.20S2|15 404 KRüdiger Lich
2Dienstags, 11.40 - 13.20S2|15 404 KRüdiger Lich
2Mittwochs, 11.40 - 13.20S2|15 404 KRüdiger Lich
2Donnerstags, 11.40 - 13.20S2|15 404 KRüdiger Lich
2Freitags, 11.40 - 13.20S2|15 404 KRüdiger Lich
3Freitags, 11:40 - 13:20S2|15 401Katharina Schade
3Dienstags, 11:40 - 13:20S2|15 401Katharina Schade
3Mittwochs, 11:40 - 13:2029.9.: S2|15 201, 6.10.: S2|15 401Katharina Schade
3Montags, 11:40 - 13:20S2|15 401Katharina Schade
3Donnerstags, 11:40 - 13:20S2|15 401Katharina Schade
4Montags, 11:40 - 13:2027.9.: S2|15 336, 4.10.: S2|15 101Ruben Straube
4Dienstags, 11:40 - 13:2028.9.: S2|15 101, 5.10.: S2|15 301Ruben Straube
4Mittwochs, 11:40 - 13:2029.9.: S2|15 244, 6.10.: S2|15 301Ruben Straube
4Donnerstags, 11:40 - 13:2030.9.: S2|15 101, 7.10.: S2|15 301Ruben Straube
4Freitags, 11:40 - 13:201.10.: S2|15 101 8.10: S2|15 301Ruben Straube



Ordnungen, Formulare, etc.

Dokumente wie Prüfungsplan-formulare, Studien- und Prüfungspläne oder Modulhandbücher finden Sie im Downloadbereich

Sabine Bartsch
Iryna Bysaha
Meike Mühlhäußer
Alexandra Neutsch
Bettina Plutz (in Elternzeit)

Mi, Do10:30-12:30



Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Seeberg


Die Sprechstunden finden in Raum S2|15 241 statt. Es ist keine Terminvereinbarung notwendig.

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