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14.09.2010Since some students would prefer to have the Einsicht next week, it has been rescheduled to Friday, September 24, in Room 401 of the math building, from 14:30-15:00.
13.09.2010The Einsicht for the course will be held on Friday, September 17, in Room 401 of the math building, from 14:30 - 15:00.
03.09.2010Preliminary grades for students in Analysis I (engl.) who retook the exam are now posted outside room 428 of the math building.
02.09.2010Dear students:
Preliminary grades for the course are now posted in the math building outside room 428.
02.08.2010We remind some important information regarding the exam.

1) You must bring with you your student card AND some sort of identification document such as ID card or passport or driving license, etc. which has a PHOTO of yourself on it.

2) You must bring with you the sheets on which you will write the exam. Please bring plenty of them! Each sheet you hand over should have as heading your name and your "Matrikelnummer".

3) You can write the exams using a blue or black pen. You can NOT write the exam using a red pen or a pencil.

4) Solutions of problems, the script and all kind of records are allowed. You can also bring a dictionary or you can ask the supervisors in case there is something in English that you do not understand.

5) Calculators will NOT be allowed.
29.07.2010The solutions to the Repetition sheet have now been posted.
27.07.2010Homework 13 solutions have now been posted.
20.07.2010The Repetition sheet has now been posted in the Homework section.
20.07.2010***Office Hours***

In the next weeks there will be extra office hours which will be posted here. Please check this post regularly for updates.

Andrew Linshaw: Tuesday, July 27 and Wednesday, July 28, 14:00-15:00, in Room 410.
Vassilis Gregoriades: Friday, July 30, 15:00-16:00, Monday August 2, 15:00-17:00 in Room 226.
Julian Bitterlich: Friday August 6, 11:00-12:00 in Room 345.
Zaur Guliyev: Monday, August 9 , 10:00-11:00 in Room 336 .

Prof. Dr. W. Trebels: Thursday August 5, 10:00-11:30 and Tuesday August 10, 10:00-11:30 in S215|442.
08.07.2010The latest version of the Script has just been posted.
20.05.2010The notation f_xy means that first we take the derivative with respect to y and then we take the derivative with respect to x. (See the script p.170). In other words f_xy=d^2f/dxdy.



Name Raum Tel. Sprechstunde
Prof. Dr. Walter TrebelsFH 21021453Montags, 11:30-12:30 in S2|15 442
PhD Vassilios GregoriadesS2|15 22622844Mittwochs, 16:30-17:30 in S2|15 226
PhD Andrew LinshawS2|15 41070397Mittwochs, 13:30-14:-30 in S2|15 410



TagUhrzeitin Raum
Dienstags09:50 - 11:30S207/109
Mittwochs11:40 - 13:20S214/024



Nr.Zeitin RaumbeiSprechstundein Raum
1Mittwochs, 09:50 - 11:30S103/312Vassilis GregoriadesWednesday, 16:30-17:30S215/226
2Mittwochs, 09:50 - 11:30S103/126Andrew LinshawWednesday, 13:30-14:30S215/410


Nr.Zeitin RaumbeiSprechstundein Raum
1Donnerstags, 16:15 - 17:55S103/116Julian BitterlichTuesday, 18:00-19:00S215/345
2Donnerstags, 08:00 - 09:40S103/116Zaur GuliyevMonday, 12:10-13:10S215/336



Ordnungen, Formulare, etc.

Dokumente wie Prüfungsplan-formulare, Studien- und Prüfungspläne oder Modulhandbücher finden Sie im Downloadbereich

Sabine Bartsch
Iryna Bysaha
Meike Mühlhäußer
Alexandra Neutsch
Bettina Plutz (in Elternzeit)

Mi, Do10:30-12:30



Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Seeberg


Die Sprechstunden finden in Raum S2|15 241 statt. Es ist keine Terminvereinbarung notwendig.

Weitere Fragen bitte per Mail an:




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