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PD Dr. Neff

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25.03.2009The results of the exam are now available in a showcase outside room S215/405. Paper copies of the solution sketches are likewise available outside room S215/405.

You will have the opportunity to look into your exam and how it was graded between 14:00 and 15:00 on Thursday the 2nd of April, in room S215/201. We recommend using this opportunity.
10.03.2009Daniel Körnlein and Katharina Schade will offer an extra office hour 14:00-15:00 on Monday the 15th of March in room S215/217.
10.02.2009You will be allowed to bring any written material to the exam - including books, scripts, solutions to exercises, old exams, your own notes, etc. However, you cannot bring electronic calculators or similar electronic gadgets.
09.02.2009On the webpage of the lecture Analysis I in German you can find a trial exam (''Probeklausur'') in German. You might want to try doing that one yourselves.
09.02.2009The exam will take place 09:00-10:30 on Friday the 20th of March, in room S311/0012. You should show up some time in advance, and bring your own paper to write on, as well as an ID and your ''Studienausweis''.
05.02.2009Some new material which will be covered in the last two lectures is available under the heading "Course notes".

We will not go through anything from the chapter on Riemann integration, so that will not be relevant for the exam.
14.01.2009The first two chapters of Prof. Alber's lecture notes for Analysis II are available under the heading "Course notes". Paper copies are available outside room S215/405.
17.12.2008We have put a link under "Course notes" to another set of lecture notes. These new ones are simply suggested supplementary reading, just like the suggested literature below.
03.12.2008Dr. Neff's office hours have been rescheduled to Fridays 14:00-15:00.
01.12.2008There will be a trial exam on Wednesday the 10th of December 15:20-17:00 in S103/221. (The trial exam itself will last 90 minutes.) You are allowed to bring with you and use all manner of written material. Remember to bring your own paper to write on - just like in the real exams.

You will get the results of the trial exam in the exercise classes. The results of this exam do not count in any way. This trial exam replaces the trial exam which was announced for the end of January.
01.12.2008Daniel Körnlein and Katharina Schade will offer an extra office hour 16:00-17:00 on Thursday the 4th of December in room S215/217. The focus will be on sequences and series, but feel free to come and ask questions about other things as well.
26.11.2008There is a corrected version of the 5th tutorial on the web. The correction is that we now in (T5.2)(ii) include the condition that the set A should be nonempty. This is necessary since there does not exist any function from the set of nonnegative integers into the empty set. Also in (T5.2)(iv) we included the condition that each X_n should be nonempty, but this is not really necessary for the result to hold.
31.10.2008The office hours of Daniel Körnlein
and Bo Gong have been moved to room S215/217.
28.10.2008The exam is scheduled to take place on March 20, 2009. This date is preliminary and might change.
28.10.2008Some information concerning changes to the rules governing exams is available under the heading "Information". This sheet is in German, and you can contact the assistant or one of the tutors if you cannot read it or get someone to translate it for you.

The information sheet for the lecture
has been modified accordingly.
17.10.2008Daniel Körnlein's office hour on Thursdays has been rescheduled to 16:15-17:15.
16.10.2008Copies of the lecture notes are available outside room S215/405.
14.10.2008Bo Gong, who corrects the homework, will offer an office hour Tuesdays 15:00-16:00 in S215/204K.
14.10.2008The exercise group Mondays 09:50-11:30 led by Daniel Körnlein has been moved to room S215/204K. The information sheet has been modified accordingly.
10.10.2008There is an information sheet available under the heading "Information".
07.10.2008The first exercise takes place on Monday, October 13 and the first tutorial on Tuesday, October 14. The first lecture will be on Tuesday, October 14.
07.10.2008You can register for exercise and tutorial groups
19.09.2008The lecture is taught in English and is partly parallel to the course Analysis I in German. An information sheet will be available soon.



Name Raum Tel. Sprechstunde
PD Dr. Patrizio NeffS2|15 4053495Freitags, 14:00-15:00 in 405
Dr. Eyvind Martol BriseidS2|15 22964532Donnerstags, 10:00-11:00 in 203



TagUhrzeitin Raum
Dienstags09:50 - 11:30S103/23
Mittwochs11:40 - 13:20S204/213



  • K.H. Hofmann: Analysis I. An introduction to Mathematics in English and German, Heldermann Verlag (2000)
  • O. Forster: Analysis I, 9th edition, Vieweg+Teubner (2008)
  • O. Forster: Übungsbuch zur Analysis 1 : Aufgaben und Lösungen, 3rd edition, Vieweg+Teubner (2006)
  • J.E. Marsden, A. Weinstein: Calculus I, 2nd edition, Springer-Verlag (1998)
  • E. Fischer: Intermediate Real Analysis, Springer-Verlag (1983)
  • S. Lang: Real Analysis, Addison-Wesley (1982)
  • H. Heuser: Lehrbuch der Analysis I, Vieweg+Teubner (2006)



Nr.Zeitin RaumbeiSprechstundein Raum
1Montags, 09:50 - 11:30S103/12 Katharina SchadeMonday 11:40-12:40S215/217
2Montags, 09:50 - 11:30S215/204KDaniel KörnleinWednesday 14:25-15:25S215/217


Nr.Zeitin RaumbeiSprechstundein Raum
1Dienstags, 16:15 - 17:55S103/107Eyvind BriseidThursday 10:00-11:00S215/203
2Dienstags, 16:15 - 17:55S102/331Daniel KörnleinThursday 16:15-17:15S215/217



Ordnungen, Formulare, etc.

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Sabine Bartsch
Iryna Bysaha
Meike Mühlhäußer
Alexandra Neutsch
Bettina Plutz (in Elternzeit)

Mi, Do10:30-12:30



Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Seeberg


Die Sprechstunden finden in Raum S2|15 241 statt. Es ist keine Terminvereinbarung notwendig.

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