WS 2012/2013 » Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Prof. Dr. Otto



19.02.2013Julian Bitterlich will hold an extra office hour on Feb.22
at 10h in the "E-Pool" in the Piloty building.
11.02.2013Office hour from Julian Bitterlich will take place tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9:50 at the usual place.
28.01.2013Two typos in exercise sheets (since corrected online):
- Ex 3 on sheet 12.5: consistency sentence is missing its negation (NON-provability of a contradiction).
- Ex 1 (c) of sheet 13 compares finite isomorphy and
partial isomorphy, notation: isomorphy sign with subscripts "fin" and "part".
17.12.2012A mistake in the statement of Exercise 8 (a) of exercise sheet 10 has been corrected: the last equivalent needs to refer to tilings of arbitrarily large squares (and not tori); there are tiling systems that admit tilings of the infinite grid, but no doubly periodic tilings (recursive inseparability!).
In Exercise 4 it is crucial to restrict the claims to
FO formulae in a signature without function symbols (why?); this has also been fixed in the online version of the exercise sheet.
29.11.2012This week only: office hour of Julian Bitterlich shifted to 10:30, same day same place.
21.11.2012Two tentative periods for oral exams in this course in February/March 2013 have been fixed:
25-28 February (week 9) and 25-28 March (week 13).
06.11.2012The lecture on 7/11 is cancelled. (The exercises classes take place as usual.)
31.10.2012Homework for week 3 (at least for the exercise class with Stephane Le Roux):
- exercise 2.4 or 2.5, and
- 3.1.a.ii or 3.1.b.i.
30.10.2012Office hours:
Julian Bitterlich on Fridays 15:20-16:20 in S2|02 E003.
Stephane Le Roux on Mondays 9:45-10:40 in LZM (for alternatives, please ask).
23.10.2012From this week on the exercise classes take place in Room S215|201(Logik Handbibliothek)
16.10.2012The second exercise session on Wednesdays has been permanently put forward by one hour: it starts now at 15:20 same place.
Syntax und Semantik der Logik erster Stufe; formale Beweise in einem Kalkül;
Vollständigkeit; Kompaktheitssatz; logisch-mengentheoretische Grundlagen
der Mathematik; elementare Rekursionstheorie; Unentscheidbarkeit
und Unvollständigkeit.
exemplarisch, neben vielen anderen Lehrbüchern:
Ebbinghaus, Flum, Thomas: Einführung in die mathematische Logik;
Shoenfield: Mathematical Logic;
Cori, Lascar: Mathematical Logic;
Poizat: A Course in Model Theory, an Introduction to Contemporary
Mathematical Logic



Name Raum Tel.
Otto, MartinS2|15 20722861
Le Roux, StéphaneS2|15 33823373



Ordnungen, Formulare, etc.

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Sabine Bartsch
Iryna Bysaha
Meike Mühlhäußer
Alexandra Neutsch
Bettina Plutz (in Elternzeit)

Mi, Do10:30-12:30



Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Seeberg


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