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By car, via motorway:

  • Arriving from directions Frankfurt/Köln/Heidelberg/Basel, leave the motorways A5 or A67 at the exit Darmstadt-Stadtmitte
  • Straight on till the end of Rheinstraße and pass to the City-Ring through the tunnel. Follow
    the City-Ring (Wilhelminenstraße, Hügelstraße, Kirchstraße, Holzstraße) until the Schloss
    appears at the left side.
  • At the Schloss turn right into the Alexanderstraße.
  • The next possibility turn left into Magdalenenstraße. (follow the green arrows at the plan)

By train, arriving at the main station:

  • In front of the main station take the streetcars line 3 (Lichtenbergschule) or 5 (Kranichstein) or bus line H (Kesselhuthweg).
  • Leave the streetcar line 3 or 5 at the stop Willy-Brandt-Platz/Gericht
  • Have a short walk of 5 min throught the Herrengarten (following the red arrows at the  plan).
  • If taking the bus line H leave it at the stop Luisenplatz or Alexanderstrasse/TU (next stop after the Luisenplatz).
  • Have a short walk of 10 min (following the red arrows at the plan).

By airplane, arriving at the airport Frankfurt FRA:

  • Take the AIRLINER from the airport to Darmstadt. At the bus station (stop position 14) at the Terminal 1 every 30 minute a bus goes to Darmstadt, the so called AIRLINER.
  • Leave the AIRLINER at its final stop Hauptbahnhof.
  • Then take the streetcar line 3 or 5 or the bus line H (see above)

Further information and helpers:
Weitere Informationen und Hilfestellungen zur Anreise nach Darmstadt:


Fachbereich Mathematik
Technische Universität Darmstadt

Schlossgartenstraße 7
64289 Darmstadt

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