Welcome to the internet pages of the working group Partial Differential Equations and Applications

Our working group is headed by the professors H.-D. Alber, R. Farwig, M. Kyed and S. Roch. The research interests belong to the theory of partial differential equations from continuum mechanics, to the calculus of variations and to the applied operator theory.

Present research interests

Mathematical problems of plasticity and viscoplasticity, models for phase transitions and for microstructures in materials, homogenization (H.-D. Alber)

Theory of Navier-Stokes equations (R. Farwig)

Fluid Mechanics, Elasticity, Free boundary problems, Harmonic Analysis, Calculus of Variations (M. Kyed)

Operator theory and numerical analysis (S. Roch)


You find us in the fifth floor of the mathematics building of the TU, S2 15 (Schlossgartenstraße 7).

Plan of the fifth floor

red = elevators;  yellow = staircase;  green = secretary

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