Tue, 06.02.2018, 15:15
Multiple harmonic q-series at roots of unity and their connection to finite & symmetrized multiple zeta values
AG-Seminar Algebra

Speaker: Dr. Henrik Bachmann (Nagoya University, z. Zt. MPIM Bonn)
Room: S2|15 Raum 401

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Wed, 07.02.2018, 17:15
Do the Navier-Stokes equations correctly describe stationary fluid flows in two dimensions?
Mathematisches Kolloquium

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Peter Wittwer, Université de Genève
Room: S2|14 /24

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Thu, 08.02.2018, 16:15
Oberseminar AG Stochastik

Speaker: Yulia Petrova, University St. Petersburg
Room: S2|15 Raum 401

Fri, 09.02.2018, 15:15
I. Pinning model, universality and rough paths II. Coexistence of competing first-passage percolation on hyperbolic graphs.

Speaker: Prof. Francesco Caravenna / Dr. Elisabetta Candellero
Host: AG Stochastik
Room: S2 | 07 Raum 167

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