Tue, 07.11.2017, 15:15
Chow motives associated to certain algebraic Hecke characters
AG-Seminar Algebra

Speaker: Jaclyn Lang (MPIM Bonn)
Room: S2|15 Raum 401

Abstract: For certain CM abelian varieties, there is an algebraic Hecke character such that the L-function of the abelian variety matches that of the algebraic Hecke character. This was shown by Shimura and Taniyama. 
For a Hecke character arising in this way and a positive integer n, one can ask for a Chow motive whose L-function is equal to the L-function of the n-th power of the Hecke character.  We construct such Chow motives for a particular class of algebraic Hecke characters arising from Jacobians of Weil curves. Roughly, such curves are of the form y^e = x^f + 1.
Furthermore, we discuss the field of definition of the Chow motives.  This work is joint with Laure Flapan.


Fachbereich Mathematik
Technische Universität Darmstadt

Schlossgartenstraße 7
64289 Darmstadt

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