Seminar Sophus Lie

Darmstadt, 5-6 October 2012


This meeting includes
 a special colloquium 
celebrating the
80th birthday of
Karl Heinrich Hofmann.



Joachim Hilgert (Paderborn)

Karl-Hermann Neeb (Erlangen)


The full program including abstracts is also available as a pdf document.

If not mentioned otherwise, the sessions take place at
S2|14 - 024, Schloßgartenstr. 9, (Nuclear physics).

Friday, October 5

Jimmie Lawson (Baton Rouge),
The Unfolding Story of the Matrix Geometric Mean

Coffee break (math building, 4th floor)

Johannes Hübschmann (Lille),

A step towards Lie's dream

Karl-Heinrich Hofmann (Darmstadt),
Homogeneous spaces of compact groups

Lunch (Mensa)

13:30-14:00 Coffee break (math building, 2nd floor, room 224)

Opening of the afternoon session
(S1|03 - 221 (Altes Hauptgebäude))
by the dean of the Fachbereich Mathematik at TU Darmstadt,
Burkhard Kümmerer

Klaus Keimel (Darmstadt),
Begegnungen mit Karl Heinrich Hofmann und seiner Mathematik

Günter Ziegler (Berlin),
Das ist doch keine Kunst - Mathematik-Bilder von Leonardo bis Hofmann

Saturday, October 6

Konrad Schmüdgen (Leipzig),

Induced representations of *-algebras in Hilbert space

Bernhard Krötz (Hannover),

Ext-groups of Harish-Chandra modules

Helge Glöckner (Paderborn),
Regularity properties of infinite-dimensional Lie groups


Karlheinz Spindler (Wiesbaden),

On θ-congruent numbers, rational squares in arithmetic progressions, concordant forms and elliptic curves

Coffee break (math building, 2nd floor, room 224)

Alexander Schmeding (Paderborn),
The Lie group structure of the diffeomorphism group of a  (reduced) orbifold

Karl Strambach (Erlangen),

Imprimitive transformation groups with prescribed action on the blocks

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