The curriculum represents mathematical logic as a foundational discipline with particular emphasis on applications of logical methods in mathematics and computer science. This site describes the structure of our teaching programme. For your schedule please see our current list of courses.


The course

     Introduction to Mathematical Logic
(Einführung in die mathematische Logik)                        

serves as a comprehensive introduction. This is the canonical entry point for anyone interested in the field. This course is typically offered every winter term.

For general interest in logics and introducing particular advanced subjects we additionally refer to the following introductive courses/Bachelor.

     Logic and Foundations
(Logik und Grundlagen)
2  resp. 2+1                          

Formale Grundlagen der Informatik
(Mathematical Foundations of CS)

Computational Complexity



An in-depth specialisation track in logic (Vertiefungszyklus Logik) in the Master programme comprises a choice of modules from the following courses, most of which can also be taken individually as special courses (Spezialmodule/mathematische Ergänzung). The standard choice for a specialisation track in logic would consist of 1x(4+2) or 2x(2+1) units each from two out of the following four areas (I-IV). Other combinations may be admissible after consultation.


Applied Proof Theory


Proof Theory
4+2 or 2+1

Recursion Theory

Computable Analysis
(Berechenbare Analysis)

Incompleteness of Formal Systems
(Gödelsche Unvollständigkeitssätze)


Modeltheory and Complexity

Model Theory
4+2 or 2+1

Finite Model Theory
(Endliche Modelltheorie)

Modal Logics

Logic and Complexity
(Logik und Komplexität)

Advanced Complexity Theory
(Fortschgeschrittene Komplexitätstheorie)


Construktive und Categorical Logic

Category Theory

Categorical Logic
(Kategorielle Logik)

Constructive Logic
(Konstruktive Logik und Mathematik)

Realizability 2+1


Foundations of Functional Programming

Mathematical Foundations of Functional

(Math. Grundl. der funktionalen Programmieung)
4+2 or
2x (2+1)

NB: Not all of these courses ar on offer every year, some are taught at irregular intervals. We generally ensure that enough courses are offered to complete a specialisation track in logic within any two year cycle.

Many of the courses, including "Introduction to Mathematical Logic", are regularly taught in English.

We regularly offer student seminars on related topics. The logic group is also actively involved in the teaching of first-year courses in mathematics, as well as in the basic theory track "Formal Foundations of Computer Science" for CS students.

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