PhD Andrew Linshaw

Office: S2|15 410
Phone: 06151 / 16-70397
Fax: 06151 / 16-6030
Email: linshaw [at]

Research interests

  • Vertex algebras and infinite-dimensional Lie algebras
  • Invariant theory
  • Equivariant cohomology

Publications and preprints

  •  The cohomology algebra of the semi-infinite Weil complex, Communications in Mathematical Physics 267 (2006), 13-23, arxiv.
  •  Howe pairs in the theory of vertex algebras (with Bong H. Lian), Journal of Algebra 317 (2007), 111-152, arxiv.
  •  Chiral equivariant cohomology I (with Bong H. Lian), Advances in Mathematics 209 (2007), 99-161, arxiv.
  •  Chiral equivariant cohomology II (with Bong H. Lian and Bailin Song), Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 360 (2008), 4739-4776, arxiv.
  •  Invariant chiral differential operators and the W_3 algebra, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 213 (2009), 632-648, arxiv.
  •  A Hilbert theorem for vertex algebras, Transformation Groups vol. 15, no. 2 (2010), 427-448, arxiv.
  •  Chiral equivariant cohomology III (with Bong H. Lian and Bailin Song), American Journal of Mathematics vol. 132, no. 6 (2010), 1549-1590, arxiv.
  • Chiral equivariant cohomology of a point: a first look, Communications in Mathematical Physics, 306 (2011), 381-417, arxiv.
  •  Invariant theory and the W_{1+\infty} algebra with negative integral central charge, Journal of the European Mathematical Society 13, no. 6 (2011) 1737-1768, arxiv.
  • Invariant theory and the Heisenberg vertex algebra, International Mathematics Research Notices, 17 (2012), 4014-4050, arxiv.
  • Invariant subalgebras of affine vertex algebras, to appear in Advances in Mathematics, arxiv.
  • A commutant realization of W^(2)_n at critical level (with Thomas Creutzig and Peng Gao), to appear in International Mathematics Research Notices, arxiv.
  • Fermionic coset, critical level W^{(2)}_4 algebra, and higher spins (with Thomas Creutzig and Peng Gao), Journal of High Energy Physics, no. 4 (2012), 31, arxiv.
  • The Kac-Wang-Yan algebra with negative integral central charge, submitted, arxiv.
  • The super W_{1+\infty} algebra with integral central charge (with Thomas Creutzig), submitted, arxiv.
  • A commutant realization of Odake's algebra (with Thomas Creutzig), submitted, arxiv.
  • Jet schemes and invariant theory (with Gerald W. Schwarz and Bailin Song), arxiv.
  • Arc spaces and the vertex algebra commutant problem (with Gerald W. Schwarz and Bailin Song), arxiv.


Fachbereich Mathematik
Technische Universität Darmstadt

Schloßgartenstr. 7
64289 Darmstadt




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Gerlinde Gehring
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