Di, 09.01.2018, 15:15
Shintani lifts of harmonic Maass forms
AG-Seminar Algebra

Referent: JP Dr. Claudia Alfes-Neumann (Uni Paderborn)
Raum: S2|15 Raum 401

In this talk we define a Shintani lift for harmonic Maass forms. We show that it maps weight $2k+2$ harmonic Maass forms to harmonic Maass forms of weight $3/2+k$ and describe its Fourier coefficients in terms of traces of CM values and regularized cycle integrals of the input harmonic Maass forms. Moreover, we explain some applications of this construction.



Fachbereich Mathematik
Technische Universität Darmstadt

Schlossgartenstraße 7
64289 Darmstadt

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