Dissertation Theses

Dissertation theses usually deal with complex mathematical optimization problems for which so far no efficient solution methods exist. Often such optimization problems occur in practical applications in industry, economics or engineering sciences. The investigated optimization problems all contain the common structure of discrete decisions, i.e., either yes/no (0/1) decisions or integer numbers. Typically, such optimization tasks can be formulated via mixed-integer linear or nonlinear optimization problems (MIP or MINLP). A dissertation thesis usually includes the development of a solution method, based on a mathematical analysis of the corresponding mathematical structures. The solution methodology is mostly tested on real-world or realistic data.

Dissertation Theses in Progress

  • Mixed-Integer Semidefinite Programming
    Tristan Gally
  • Mixed-Integer Optimization with Differential Equations
    Oliver Habeck
  • Polyhedral Aspects of Symmetry Breaking in Binary Programs
    Christopher Hojny
  • Partitioning Into Isomorphic Subgraphs
    Hendrik Lüthen
  • Sparse Optimization in Signal Processing
    Frederic Matter
  • tbd
    Michel Reiffert
  • Interdiction Problems in Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming
    Andreas Schmitt

Finished Dissertation Theses

  • Mixed-Integer Semidefinite Programming with an Application to Truss Topology Design
    Sonja Mars (2013)
  • Computational Aspects of Compressed Sensing
    Andreas Tillmann (2013)
  • Analyzing Infeasibility in Flow Networks
    Imke Joorman (2015)
  • Branch-and-Cut for Complementarity and Cardinality Constrained Linear Programs
    Tobias Fischer (2017)


Discrete Optimization

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