Workshop on Industry Challenges in Geometric Modeling, CAD and Simulation, 2009


Program Sheet

Kai HormannThe parametric four-point scheme
Tom CashmanNURBS compatible subdivision:General degree, non-uniform, rational
René Hartmann    Proxies for subdivision surfaces
Ursula AugsdorferRendering of regions around extraordinary vertices
Georg UmlaufOnline triangulation of laser-scan data
Nicole LehmannEfficient and robust curvature estimation on meshes
Malcolm SabinDesigning spatial indexing for extremely large
Fréderic CazalsModels and algorithms for the description on macro-molecular interactions: From biophysics to geometry and vice-versa
Bernhard Moessner   B-Spline finite elements on smooth surfaces
Florian BöhlFriedman’s algorithm for minimal enclosing sheres and its counterpart
Marc AlexaThe missing video out – Intuitive creation and modification of shapes
Kestutis Karciauska Lens-shaped surfaces in geometric modeling
Stefan von Deylen   
An elastic model for optimal parametrization of implicit surfaces
Matthias BeinInteractive surface reconstruction on triangle meshes
Neil DodgsonCurrent issues in the visual effects and postproduction industry (missing)
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